Nero Octavius Devinus

A traveling merchant with dark tastes.


Nero is a strongly built man, on the tall end of Karadian standards at 5"8’. He can generally be found wearing either some formal legionnaire armor (when traveling) or in standard Karadian finery when at home.

He keeps his hair a bit off the normal, shaving the sides and keeping it a few inches long in a mohawk.


Nero was born in the month of harvest, on the 7th day, dusk’s day. He was raised in the city of Devenos.

Nero was never really happy with the small town, feeling that given a chance he could make it big in the city, when the chance came he took it as fast as he could. With a keen eye for numbers, and a willingness to break the rules to make a buck he’s risen rapidly in his house.

Nero Octavius Devinus

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