Alignment: LN
Capital: Ryshalla
Major Cities: Ryshalla

Physical Characteristics: Ryshallans as the first of the imperial vassal states, are physically are very similar to imperials, short, around 5’5” to 5’7” for men and 5’3” to 5’5” for females, though their hair tends more towards brown than black and they tend to be slightly less muscled than imperials.

Local Fashions: For the most part Ryshallans mimic imperial fashions, short skirts for men, slightly longer for the women. Loose fitting shirts that open at the front and who’s front tails tie at the sides often with a bright vest worn over it although Ryshallan vests will often lack the long tails at the front. Ryshallan men will often shave their heads as well although the women will tend to not shave the sides of their heads as do the imperial ladies.

Attitudes: Ryshalla was the first imperial vassal state, they labored longest under imperial rule and are the only vassal kingdom that is still loyal to the Empire. Ryshallans are proud of this and consider themselves essentially to be imperials. As such their culture and attitudes very closely mirror that of the empire. Much of the Ryshallan affection for the empire stems from the fact that they are the front lines of the horde invasion. Separated from the rest of the world Ryshalla is a veritable island of humanity surrounded by a sea of hostile humanoid monsters. It is only the might of the legions and generations of imperial blood that has kept Ryshalla from being scoured from the earth and every Ryshallan alive knows it. It’s hard not to have great affection for those who have given so much to keep you safe.

Slavery: Ryshalla is still a part of the empire and as such imperial law and policy regarding slavery is in full effect in Ryshalla.

Civic Organization: Generations ago Ryshallas king swore Ryshallas eternal fealty to the emperor. The emperor in turn acknowledged the kings profound wisdom in this choice and anointed him and his chosen descendants as overlords of Ryshalla. As overlord the king then anointed those lords loyal to him as exalted lords who then in turn anointed their personal retainers a blessed lords. Thus the Ryshallan ruling class largely survived their imperial conquest almost entirely intact. Those nobles who objected then faced the combined might of the Ryshallan King and the Karaadian Emperor. The end result now being that generations later Ryshalla operates very much like any other imperial district. So while Ryshalla still has a king, the king has two official titles that are announced at his coming, “King and Imperial Overlord of Ryshalla” and most of his power derives the second of his titles.

Family: Generations under imperial rule has shaped the Ryshallan family into a near mirror of the imperial family about the only real difference of any note is that Ryshallan parents will often ask their children’s opinions about prospective mates before arranging marriages for them. The opinion of the child will seldom if ever be the deciding factor, but within Ryshalla it is at least a factor.

Politics: Ryshallan politics are not nearly as vicious as they are in the empire proper, probably because the central reality of Ryshallan life, is the very real possibility of annihilation by the orc hordes. Those nobles who are cunning capable commanders who demonstrate the ability to keep Ryshalla safe are exalted and rise in their standing with the overlords those who fail in this will fall, and probably die.

Religion: After Ryshallas annexation by the empire, the king, and his lords power derived from their sanction by the imperial triumvirate. While these gods were not popular or worshiped in Ryshalla prior to the imperial take over, suddenly the king and noble class of Ryshalla developed a positive zeal for the conversion of their people. How ever, prior to the rise of the Imperial Triumvirate the people of Ryshalla worshiped the goddess Tyryshalla for whom their nation was originally named, and although Tyryshalla has lost the official sanction of the state, her worship still persists among the rural and farm folk of Ryshalla.

The day lady, The great mother, The grain giver
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A half sun showing above the horizon
Home Plane: Elysium
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Agriculture, Fertility, The Sun
Worshipers: Farmers, Peasants, Mothers
Cleric Alignments: Any good
Domains: Community, Family, Sun
Favored Weapon: The Quarterstaff

Tyryshalla is a gentle goddess who teaches that all the living creatures of the earth are her children. As such one must strive to treat all living things with kindness. Proof of Tyryshalla’s love is the sun which she sends everyday to shine its rays down upon the earth causing green and golden growing things to spring forth feeding all her children with its bounty. This food is a gift from the goddess and a symbol of her love for us and thus must be treated with respect and not wasted or horded but shared with those in need even as Tyryshalla has shared it with you.

Clergy and Temples
Priests of Tyryshalla tend to wear simple green robes woven of sturdy linen or wool. The robes themselves are divided down the legs to allow freedom of movement in case the priest or priestess should they need, (as is often the case) to lend a hand in the fields. Tyryshalla’s temples were long ago usurped by the triumvirate. These days her clergy perform services outside at simple shrines among the fields of simple farm folk. Still within the rural and farm communities the clergy of Tyryshalla are always a welcome and prominent part of any community.

There is no longer any organization to the church of Tyryshalla, instead local priests take on and teach acolytes in a master/apprentice sort of arrangement. With new priests either taking over a retiring masters community, or moving out to where ever they are needed. In fact often communities without a priest will send someone to a town that has one just to complete a novitiate and return.

Ironically this lack of organization has made the church very non-threatening to imperial forces and encourages a much more direct relationship with goddess than the clergy had in the past, also the organic nature of the church has allowed it to spread far beyond the bounds of Ryshalla. All across the empire serfs and peasants take often now comfort from the great mother. Very likely Tyryshalla has more worshipers today than she did when she was the official divine matron of the Ryshallan state.


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