These substances can be crafted with the use of the Craft (Alchemy) skill. Most of the characters skilled in the use of alchemy are assumed to know the recipes unless the craft DC is followed by an “s” this denotes that the recipe is a secret of the Dysterian Alchemist and can only be crafted by someone with levels in the “Dysterian Alchemist” prestige class.

An * by the drug name denotes that due to the drugs readily airborne nature, it carries a base 10% chance of accidental exposure when crafting or handling it.

Athas Powder * (Craft DC 20)s
Save: 20
Source: Athas powder is the dried crushed stamen of the blossoms of Varyn ivy. Varyn ivy is parasitic ivy that grows on the trunks and branches of trees. The ivy which grows in the marshes and doesn’t root in soil, rather its roots penetrate the bark of its host tree and pulls it’s nutrients from the tree sap. Once a year in the summer, Varyn ivy will bud small white flowers with purple stamen out of the bottom of hard green fruit. The fruit when rip will burst releasing a cloud of light fluffy seeds which carried by the wind to lodge in the trunks of surrounding trees seeding a new generation of ivy. The stamen must be harvested by hand by climbing infected trees, at significant risk as the ivy is covered in fine hair like thorns that themselves will deliver a dose of paralytic poison to those who brush against them. The paralytic in thorns is not viable for harvest as it is chemically distinct from the stamen sample and rapidly breaks down when removed from a living plant. As a result most Athas is harvested by gloved slaves with a high rate of attrition.
Value: 1000gp per dose
Effect: Total loss of motor control. The subject remains conscious and aware of their surroundings, they also retain all the feeling in their bodies, but are unable to vocalize or move in any way.
Duration: Very short 5 to 10 minutes
Addictive: Not addictive.

Aspirit (Craft DC 20)
Save: 15 (neg. effect)
Source: Extracted from the rare Aspire plant in the marshes west of Dysteria.
Value: 10 GP. Per dose.
Effect: Loss of inhibition, slight rise in pulse and blood pressure, feelings of euphoria, slight loss of manual coordination –1dex.
Duration: Short 2-3 hours
Addictive: Vicious.

Korgite * (Craft DC 15)
Save: 12 (Neg)
Source: This drug is actually a defense mechanism of the common tree growing, Telgar fungus. When this fungus is disturbed it releases a highly hallucinogenic spore cloud. With care these spores can be harvested and dispensed in measured doses.
Value: 5 silver Per dose.
Effect: Severe loss of cognitive function, -1d3 Int, -1d3 Wis, Intense hallucinations, often resulting in total loss of situational awareness. Sometimes amusing occasionally terrifying.
Duration: Short 2-3 hours
Addictive: Not addictive

Semness * (Craft DC 15)
Save: 20 (neg.)
Source: This drug is the pollen of the Semness tree; this tree constantly rains this pollen down in the area around the base of it. Unwary creatures caught in this pollen cloud fall asleep and, thanks to the continuing pollen rain, never awaken. Their decomposing bodies enrich the soil at the base of the tree. Further the constant pollen cloud renders the tree very nearly unapproachable and thus defends the tree from predators.
Value: 120 GP Per dose.
Effect: Deep immediate sleep. Severe physical trauma allows the victim a second save at DC 15 to rouse himself.
Duration: medium 6-8 hours.
Addictive: Medium.

Slathin (Craft DC 20)
Save 17 (Reduces effect)
Source: This drug is derived from the skin secretions of the tyliease tree lizard, that lives in the Dysterian marsh.
Value: 200Gp per dose
Effect: Severe loss of cognitive function and manual dexterity -2d4 Int, -1d6 Dex, intense euphoria, intense hallucination, mostly dealing with lighting effects, often leading to total loss of situational awareness. On a successful save, the user, can still function, and his Int, and Dex are not functionally impaired. However, his equilibrium requires concentration to maintain, and any spell casting requires a concentration check DC 17 to successfully complete.
Duration: long 12-16 hours.
Addictive: Not addictive.

Black Paste (Craft DC 20)
Save 20 (Neg)
Source: This poison is derived from the skin and flesh of ghouls, alchemically concentrated preserved and ground into a foul paste.
Value: 200Gp per dose
Effect: Paralysis.
Duration: Short 1d6+2 minutes.
Addictive: Not addictive.

Amorite (Craft DC 25)s
Save 25 (Neg)
Source: This rare drug is highly sought after. It is produced by a complicated alchemical process involving many secret ingredients. Those ingredients are widely rumored to include the bones of a virgin princess, and the tears of a maiden shed in sorrow for her virtue, lost in the heat of lust. What ever the real ingredients, they are a jealously guarded secret.
Value: 1800 GP. Per dose
Effect: Amorite, is an aphrodisiac. Those who consume it are seized by a nearly uncontrollable lust. Those under the effects of Amorite, must make a will save DC 14 to avoid wantonly hurling themselves at any member of their preferred sex. Resisting the advance of a willing partner requires a will save DC 25. Those who fail their will saves will grovel, plead, and generally humiliate themselves, pledging nearly anything to have their desires fulfilled. Those of darker alignments will often even resort to force to sate their lust.
Duration: Short 1d3 hours
Addictive: Not addictive

Mencha (Craft DC 10)
Save: 14 (neg)
Inhaled (smoked)
Source: Mencha is a flowering weed, most common in the Dysterian Marshes, but it can be found in most any damp environ. The root of the Mencha plant contains a gray sticky pulp which is pressed from the plant and dried into a gummy consistency. This gray gum is then sold and can be smoked in pipes, or ingested, though smoking is the preferred method of delivery as Mencha paste has an extremely bitter, unpleasant taste.
Value: 5 copper per dos.
Effect: Mencha causes mild drowsiness, and feelings euphoria and well being. Users can expect a slight diminishing of cognitive functions –1 Int. and mild loss of inhibition.
Duration: Short 1-2 hours
Addictive: Low.

Swivit (Craft DC 20)
Save: 15 (neg)
Source: Swivit comes from the nut of the vitrit tree, which grows in the Dysterian marshes. Vitrit nuts are harvested and slow roasted. The nuts are then crushed and pressed to extract the oil. This oil is then boiled and allowed to cool, as the oil cools a thin layer of clear liquid settles out on top of the oil. This liquid is swivit and is then skimmed from the oil, and sold.
Value: 20 GP. Per dose.
Effect: Swivit causes a sharp rise in pulse and blood pressure. Users also experience improved cognitive function, +6 to int. and enhanced energy.
Duration: Moderate 4-6 hours
Addictive: High.

Beast Juice (Craft DC 25)s
Save: 18 (reduces effect)
Source: Extracted from the adrenal and pineal glands of mountain ogres.
Value: 200 GP per dose.
Effect: Causes an intense dose of adrenalin to be released in the bloodstream of the user. +6 Str , and +6 Dex. Users also experience a complete deadening of pain allowing them to continue functioning right up to –10 hp. Heightened aggression, irritability, and sexual arousal are also common.
Duration: short, 1-2 hours.
Addictive: High.

Gorchas (Craft DC 15)
Save: 14 (neg)
Inhaled (smoked)
Source: The Gorchas plant grows in the southern reaches of the Dysterian Marsh. It’s leaves are dark green and slightly sticky to the touch. These leaves are harvested and mashed to extract the pulp, this pulp is then dried and forms yellowish crystals. These crystals are then sold and smoked.
Value: 10 GP per dose.
Effect: This drug is a moderate stimulant users experience a mild heightened awareness and improved cognitive function, +2 wis, +2 int.
Duration: Moderate 4-6 hours.
Addictive: Medium.

Livitus (Craft DC 20)
Save 15 (neg)
Source: The Livitus bush grows profusely in the marshes of Dysterian. Once per year Livitus produces hard green berries, these are harvested, dried and crushed into a fine brown powder which can then be eaten directly or used to brew a bitter tea.
Value: 20GP per dose.
Effect: this drug makes the user feel very jittery and energetic. The user experiences a marked heightiening of reflexes but also finds himself having difficulty focusing and concentrating. +4 to Dex. –1 Int. –2 Wis.
Duration: Short 2 hours.
Addictive: Low

Astirine (Craft DC 25)s
Save 19 (neg)
Source: Astirine is concocted in an elaborate alchemical process from a variety of plants and mineral compounds. It also contains a dose of phase spider venom, and rumor says infernal blood. The actual process and ingredients are a closely guarded secret of the Dysterian alchemists.
Value: 1000 GP per does.
Effect: This drug is an unbelievably strong stimulant. Giving the users feelings of near invulnerability and enormously enhanced strength. +10 to Dex and Str. Further, Users experience significantly heightened awareness and cognitive function. +8 Wis and Int. Unfortunately this drug also occasionally causes delusions of omnipotence and fits of violent rage.
Duration: Moderate 4 hours.
Addictive: Vicious. Note: Because this drug contains magical properties Remove Addiction will not work unless used in conjunction with Break Enchantment verses a DC 25 caster level check.

Hythallum (Craft DC 15)
Save (harmless)
Source: Hythallum is a plant whose leaves have six rounded points and are dark green and thick with a waxy texture. The stem is also thick and covered in fine green hairs. The stems can be picked and milked for a sticky white pulp that has medicinal properties.
Value: 15gp per dose
Effect: Hythallum pulp is very useful for treating infectious disease resulting from injuries. Hythallum, when promptly applied to an infected wound via a poultice, provides a second save to resist the effects of filth fever, red ach, and Stygian Plague.

Please note: Your DM is has material on the effects of overdose, and the consequences of prolonged use. Players will have to discover these through trial and error. Caution is advised.

Expanded Diseases

Stygian plague infection: Injury | DC:20 | Incubation:1d4 days | Damage:1d4 Str, 1d4 Con.
Red consumption Infection: Inhaled | DC:15 | Incubation:1d3 days | Damage:1d3 con
Joint fever Infection: Contact | DC:15 | Incubation:2 days | Damage: 1d4 dex
Rasping fever Infaction:Inhaled | DC:15 | Incubation: 1d3 days | Damage:1d3 str

Stygian Plague: This disease is carried by the bite of blood drinking insects and other vermin. The symptoms include black necrotic puss-filled lesions along with high fever and nausea.

Red consumption: This disease is can be transmitted by sharing air in close quarters with an infected person, particularly during the incubation period. It causes the victim to suffer from a ruddy red complexion along with a wracking cough. Eventually the victim will begin coughing up blood as bleeding lesions begin to form inside his lungs. Death from this disease soon follows as the victim drowns in his own blood.

Joint fever: This feared disease is transmitted by physical contact with an infected individual. A carrier is still contagious during the incubation period. Joint fever will cause the victims joints to swell with puss and fluid, while typically not fatal it is extremely painful, as fluid pressure slowly forces even fine joints in the fingers and feet apart. In extreme cases, swelling can even occur between the vertebras resulting in complete paralysis.

Rasping fever: This disease is transmitted by sharing air in close quarters with an infected person. While not typically fatal this disease can be quite debilitating. This disease attacks the muscles of the victim causing them to waste slowly away. Victims of this disease can most easily be identified by the rasping noise they make as they struggle to continue breathing with their weakened diaphragm.


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