Mortases Anubik Ishtalla

Tall thin and gaunt with long hair tied back with ribbon.




Mortases (meaning son of Mortania) was born to Moms Ishtalla on the dark of the moon under certain sacred rites of the Devouring mother. He was nearly killed but for the birthmark on his back, looking like the fanged skull of Mortania his birth was deemed a blessing from her and he was to be taken into the service of the high clergy if luck had not turned for the Ishtalla family. This was his first brush with death, so it is no reason he always felt an affinity for the dead. As a child he studied the dead and herbs and alchemy under tutors shocked to see one so young take to such things with such ardor. That was another life though.
Sadly the note from his parents said it all, his father’s temper had caused him to lash out against one of the Witch-Queen’s favorites and now their lands and money were forfeit. Protected from outright murder by his initiation into the faith Mortases felt that it was best not to tempt fate by staying after his one and only slave left began gushing blood from every orifice after drinking some wine meant for Mortases. Now alone Mortases has sought refuge with his wardrobe and holy effects to live with his sister whom he never met, Camilla on the frontier in Davinos. Mortases still dresses the part of the young Dysterian (except for his familial eschewing of the scalp lock in favor of long hair) socialite when he comes to town with his sister for supplies. He resents his current life, and longs for Dysteria, but is grateful to his sister as he would have been forced into slavery if he hadn’t had her to fall back on. Mortases remains faithful though that the Dark Matron provides for those with a will to power and so he devotes himself to cementing Karadian allies and probing the dark mysteries of death.

Mortases Anubik Ishtalla

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