Karaadia -interregnum

Triumphal return.

Death of a Moon Priest

When last we left our increasingly nefarious band, the party had completed their job in Tyth for the glory of the Fox King. After journeying to the far north of Tyth and stopping through to visit the capital, they had discovered that their target was not a lycanthrope as they’d suspected, but instead a devotee of the ancient twin goddesses of the moons Selia and Appia. This is a terrible crime under the law of Tyth, for the Lich Queen has long forbidden the worship of Gods. Furthermore, it was a terrible affront to the Imperial sensibilities of many members of the party. For the twin goddesses are Elven deities, their worship in Tyth dating back to a time when the elves ruled over human kind in that region. In this at least, the Lich Queen can be seen as a liberator.

After a difficult fight, the party eventually was able to overcome the priest and his moon cultists. The Ranger Janus completed his task for the Fox King, ensuring his continued favor within his court. The Fox King’s emissary kept her word and returned them to their own lands. Nero’s wagons of Mencha and the strange iron box were safely returned to the party, but the drovers where nowhere to be seen. Likely, they had fallen victim to the perils of Underhill during the party’s absence.

Just outside of their target city of Telthenus, Nero went in alone while the party gained a head start out of town. This was fortunate as the party rapidly came across the retreating forces of Overlord Sectius Akkentia. Nero’s wagons were commandeered to carry the wounded. The Mencha dumped unceremoniously on the ground. The party salvaged what they could, and more importantly, were able to smuggle the hidden Amorite out of the wagons.

Meanwhile Nero completed his mission, opening the box of the plague queen in the heart of the city, and escaped just in time to avoid being sealed into the city for the coming siege. The party is pushing on to the Northeast with vague plans of identifying themselves as spies of the central district, counting on the writ from blessed Lord Titus Colovius to see them across the lines.

It seemed as though the worst was behind them, but for the oily black swarm of carrion birds on the horizon.


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