Karaadia -interregnum

Return to the fey lands...

Who is this guy and why do we care?

Upon returning to Septia our heroic party was torn as to whether they should attempt to stop the locust plague that was certain to bring famine, profiteer off the plague or just get out of town while the the worst of it burns it’s self out.

While they pondered this Mortases Ishtalla was grappling with his own family dilemma. For when his sister Camilla Ishtalla was the only member of the family there was no obligation to the family to provide sons for military service now that Mortases and Gaius were members of the family there were two sons of Ishtalla of recruit-able age for the legions. One would certainly be required to go now that the war was heating up. Ever the pragmatist, Camilla instructed Mortases to purchase a slave for the family, this slave would then be manumissioned and adopted into the family. The slave would then be sent to war while Gaius and Mortases could remain home attending to the family interests and fortunes. The slave in return would not only be a free citizen if he survived the war he would also have a family name.

Wanting the family represented well on the battle field, Mortases purchased the meanest most undisciplined slave he could find. The slaves back was a patchwork of whip scars and callous the slave had been a laborer in a rock quarry but his violent nature and tendency to attack other slaves and overseers on little or no provocation had landed him on the auction block. If he hadn’t sold that day he would have been executed and written off.

Mortases felt it was important for the slave to be kindly disposed to him as there was a remote chance he’d be mean enough and strong enough to survive the war and so took him to a local dive tavern and bought him all the liquor, and whores he desired along with a fine steel blade before enlisting him in the legions. While he was in the tavern however he was confronted by the arrival of a high born Tythian knight, Ser Reginald Oxprey – Knight Errant of the Endless Queen, Hero of the Rees Mignion uprising, and Slayer of the vile dragon LeafBlight.

Mortases, facinated by the People of Tyth and their culture. Engaged the knight in conversation learning that he was a questing hero of his people, traveling the world to recover ancient relics of his queen that were seized by the Arcane Council during the Empire’s occupation of Tyth 300 years ago and his trail had lead him to one of the abandoned imperial way stations along the old road north in forest now nominally part of the empire but now in truth an enclave of the fey and contested between the summer and winter courts. To reach the outpost, he would have to venture deep into winter court territory.

Wanting to leave the city before the famine truly set in and enticed at the promise of lost Arcane council treasures. Mortases and the party agreed to join the old Knight and act as guides and guards as they had traveled the old road earlier and faced it’s perils once already. The object the knight sought was a relic known as the Lamp of revelations a true relic with a variety of magical uses in revealing the true nature of things and an object of substantial value.

With an entourage of pages, squires, drovers, and servants the brave knight and the party set out for the north coming at last to edge of the fairy domains. A lush forest as yet untouched by the locust swarms ravaging the lands south…


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