Karaadia -interregnum

Filling the gaps

The tale not told... Due to laziness.

Continuing north our party discovered the site of a vast battlefield still littered with a sea of fallen soldiers rotting in the sun. Upon crossing the field the party learned the hard way that previous imperial edicts prohibiting the use of summoned lower planer creatures had been set aside by factions of the council and the field was now haunted by swarms of uncontrolled lemure’s who had been summoned and then abandoned on the field and now glutted themselves on the corpses of the fallen.

Beset by the creatures the party started to fight but soon realized the creatures were too vast in number to defeat and their slow slug like crawl made standing against them unnecessary opting instead to simply evade them and flee north.

After crossing the battle field the party reached the lines of the northern army and were soon confronted by a reconnaissance party. Identifying themselves they were taken into custody and held for a few days while their story was verified. Once verified they were cleared to travel down the line to the officers garrison where Titus Colovius was stationed for debriefing.

Colovius was thrilled to learn the party had been successful in their sabotage of the city the northern army was about to besiege and released the party to return home to Septia.

The return home was joyous but short lived for soon after returning they learned that the armies of the Northwest district were marching in force on the allied City of Errana Capital of the central district and vital center of the industry for the north. Blessed Lord Colovius had returned from the front and would be leading new levies of troops from Septia and Pyellia west to attempt to lift the siege. This however would take time and Errana would have to hold until the relief could arrive.

Nero was recruited once again to undertake a covert operation for Lord Colovius, this time with the promise of payment should he succeed. The party would be dispatched by council courier to Errana ahead of the siege to investigate a series of events suspected to be the work of enemy agents. Their mission was to investigate and terminate enemy operatives wherever they were found.

Upon arrival the party learned that a massive city granary had been burned. A serial killer was stalking the market streets at night, eviscerating victims and absconding with the viscera, and plague was running rampant in a particular neighborhood.

Their investigation revealed the granary was probably an accident resulting from a lantern being dropped by a drunken caretaker. The plague was being seeded by a plague night of Mortania, and the the serial killer was actually a number of free willed undead summoned and set lood by the same knight.

Ever cautious and alert to opportunity, the party quickly deduced that the plague knight was a mercenary and not a partisan in the war. Thus he may be susceptible to a better offer. With effort and a short expedition into one of his strongholds (wherein they learned about the undead) the party was able to make contact and set a meeting with the plague knight.

During their meeting the knight revealed that while he would view flipping on an employer as an act of the highest unprofessional-ism, the literal terms of his contract were fulfilled, having loosed undead in the sewers and seeded plague through the city. He had made no promise to stay in the city and attempt during the cities efforts to counter his attack, and given that he was now exposed sticking around seemed unwise to him. He was also more than willing to accept new contracts and so with minor negotiation he agreed to visit his former employers army encampment and subject them to the same treatment he’d just given the city of Errana for the bargain price of 10,000 imperial crowns.

Their mission complete, they spent a couple more days in the city while they arranged for a return teleport by council Courier to Septia. Finally returning home for what they hoped would be an extended stay.


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